Local Lending

SAbER Mountain in an effort to provide books to the local community for reading purposes makes this site available in the Emmett, Idaho area. If you are interested in becoming a SAbER Lending Library Learner, Please fill out the form below. An account will be set up for you to be able to log in and browse the available books.

SAbER Mountain was founded to promote Spiritual Awareness.  It is in our name.  Spiritual Awareness beginsby Earnestly Reading. The mission of SAbER Mountain Public Library is to enhance the lives of our community members by providing access to information that SAbER Mountain publishes. While we prefer to sell products, being that is the way we stay in business, we still feel it is very important to share the knowledge we produce.  Therefore, beginning in our own community, we are creating a small lending library to those individuals interested in personal improvement.  This system is still undergoing refinement so please bear with us while we perfect how we can get books to interested readers.

Thank you, Don-Alan Rekow, Founder and Publisher

If you are interested in becoming a SAbER Lending Library Learner to have access to the books available to the public, please submit your name below.

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